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Dynasty Warriors appears on mobile!

Legendary characters from all Dynasty Warriors games return to unite the three kingdoms
Massive battles filled with onslaughts of relentless enemies
Stylized yet brutal weapons



“Stay loyal to the Emperor,
and he will stay loyal to you!”

Cao Cao leads the Kingdom of Wei
with magnetism and principles.
His elite warriors and cunning strategies
are forces to be reckoned with.


“We were born apart,
but we will die together!!”

Harmony and hope are the driving forces for the
Kingdom of Shu. The compassionate
Liu Bei stands strong with his Five Tiger Generals,
each of whom fights like a hundred men.


“Heaven will not send a brighter star!
We alone can shape this land!”

Wu is a kingdom of talented and fearless warriors,
known far and wide for its naval strength.
Sun Quan leads this prosperous kingdom
to fulfill the vision of his father and older brother.